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Welcome to the re:generation Mentor Resources page. This page provides prospective mentors with the information necessary to make an informed decision about whether to become a re:generation mentor. It also provides useful resources for re:generation participants to find and secure a mentor.


Please note that for many re:generation ministries, a participant must have a signed Mentoring Agreement and show proof that the mentor has completed the Mentor Training Module in order to move into a closed step group.


If you are a prospective mentor, please watch the Mentorship Overview video below and read through the Mentor Qualifications and Job Description document. Then, if you are willing to enter into a mentoring relationship, click the button to launch the Mentor Training Module and follow the instructions to begin training. Upon completion of the training module you will receive access to all of the re:generation mentor tools on our resources website.


Participants seeking a mentor can find useful resources for finding a mentor and entering into a mentor agreement in the Participant Resources for Finding a Mentor section below.



Download "Mentorship Overview" at this link.




LAUNCH Mentor Training Module


PARTICIPANT Resources for finding a mentor