recovery in Christ when life is broken

To make the re:generation recovery experience consistent across churches, the following items are the minimum requirements to be considered a host of re:generation. Click HERE to begin the process of bringing re:generation to your church.

common biblical understanding

Re:generation recovery is the gospel applied to a life of recovery.  Churches interested in hosting re:generation must agree to the same essential biblical beliefs as those on which the curriculum is founded as defined by our "Statement of Faith."

Program structure

Host churches agree to implement the re:generation ministry as designed, specifically using the large group and small group structure in conjunction with the re:generation curriculum.  We acknowledge there may be situations where a host site may need to deviate from the structure, so hosts agree to review potential structure modifications with re:generation leadership prior to implementation.


Re:generation hosts agree to make all reasonable efforts to enable representatives from the church or organization leadership to attend a re:generation training conference in order to better equip the ministry in how to implement re:generation.

Trademark and license agreement

Hosts must sign a legal document that grants rights to use the re:generation name, materials and curriculum.

sales tax exemption

Hosts agree to provide a Sales Tax Exemption form, or an acceptable substitute, in order to allow workbooks to be provided to the host organization without collection of sales tax.

Church/organization leadership approval

Two church officials must authorize the re:generation use agreement.