recovery in Christ when life is broken

How To Start Living Sober

Have you wondered how to begin living sober?

Many of us come to recovery looking for freedom from an addiction, unhealthy habit or struggle. Some of us come simply because we are stuck and we don’t know why. We have have tried making resolutions to quit our habits again and again, but those frustrating efforts failed. If someone were to tell us to just stop our habits or to respond differently to our circumstances, it would feel (and may actually be) impossible.

But what if someone were to ask you, by God’s strength, to quit your habit or respond differently to circumstances (live sober) for just 24 hours? Don’t worry about a year from now or the rest of your life—only 24 hours. Could you do that?

With God’s strength and help, you can live sober for 24 hours.

“That’s great,” you say, “but what about long-term help and freedom?” 

After living sober for 24 hours, wake up and commit to live sober another 24 hours. Soon 24-hour periods will string together to make a week, then a month and finally years. But no single 24-hour commitment can be done apart from God. Jesus tells us to seek God and his will—only for today—and not to worry about tomorrow. Recovery begins and continues by walking with God one day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow—just seek him and his will for the next 24 hours.

Remember, sobriety is not just about drugs and alcohol. You can be sober from under/overeating, lying, outbursts of anger, people-pleasing, pride, control, acting out sexually, shopping, or whatever it is that has you struggling. You may have many struggles all at once, but start by relying on God for the issue that brought you to recovery.

So what do you think? By God’s strength, will you commit to living sober for the next 24 hours? 



By God’s perfect strength, commit to stay sober for 24 hours from your addiction, habit or struggle.


“Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation.” (Psalm 68:19)


Call someone you trust and tell them that by God’s strength you are committing to live sober for the next 24 hours. Ask them to pray for you and then report back to them after the 24 hours. Block out a time to meet with God today to ask him for strength and wisdom to get through today. Make this a daily practice as you seek God and his will.


Dear God, please keep me sober for the next 24 hours by your perfect strength. Teach me to seek you and your will today. Thank you for helping me.

recovery in Christ when life is broken.