First piloted in 2019, re:generation for Students is a semester-based program for teens in grades 9 – 12. The content load is lighter content than in traditional re:generation, and the biblical principles of recovery are introduced more simply, but the goal of full devotion to Christ is the same.

Because many hurts, struggles and sin patterns begin in the formative adolescent years, requests for a student version of the curriculum began almost immediately after the adult version of re:generation launched in 2013.

For 12 weeks, students work through curriculum at home and share their answers with adult leaders – trained staff or volunteers who have undergone background checks – and a small group of peers at a weekly meeting. Meeting may also include a large group gathering with teaching and student testimony.

We passionately believe that new life in Christ is for everyone. The depressed teenager has just as much to gain from re:generation for Students as the one with a highly visible drug addiction. Students struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and more are all welcome, as well as the many who know that something isn’t right but can’t identify a specific struggle.

Parents or other concerned adults who notice isolation, harmful behaviors, or signs of depression in teens are welcome to contact us with any questions about re:generation for Students.

A Place for You

re:generation for Students is a safe place where you can be honest with others and with yourself as you work through steps of healing and freedom.

Please reach out to us if you are looking for more information regarding re:generation for Students.