recovery in Christ when life is broken

Can Desperation Be A Gift?

Many of us come to recovery out of desperation. After repeated failed attempts to get well on our own, our lives are filled with heartache and a succession of broken relationships with little hope of finding recovery. The desperation of pain can look different for each of us: addiction, sickness, frustration, anger, divorce, abortion, adultery, job loss, depression. Rarely is the desperation we feel considered to be a gift.

The fact is that God often uses the desperation we feel as a starting point to heal and change our lives. God loves us. He draws near to desperate hearts that are open to Him. Psalm 34:18 says, “The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.”  

New life begins when we face pain that we can’t fix on our own—when we reach the end of ourselves. Then, we become willing to listen to God and accept the help of others. Desperation makes us willing to do what is asked of us. Desperation combined with willingness propels us forward into God’s will. God brings new life to those who are desperate enough to trust and follow Him.

Three years ago I realized that I had reached the end of myself. My husband and I were filling out divorce papers to end our 8-month marriage. My roommate moved out. I lost my job and maxed out my credit cards. I was desperately looking for love and to fill the void in my life through drugs and sexual encounters. I believed the lie that even though last night didn't bring happiness, tonight would.

I walked into recovery not knowing what to expect. I didn’t even believe in Christ. All I knew was I couldn't “do this” anymore. What kept me coming back was hearing how others began to find healing in Christ at their most desperate times. I knew that the people at re:generation cared about more than just my struggle with drugs and finding my worth in others—they cared about my relationship with God. I needed to stop spinning in circles and look to the One who was calling my name. When I truly opened my desperate heart to God, He began to change me.

The grace of God (which is always pursuing us) picks us up at the point of desperation and leads us to life in Him. All we have to do is turn to follow Him. God can save us.

If you are desperate right now, here is a prayer for you to pray:

Dear God, please help me to trust you. Be close to my broken heart. Will You show me who You are? Will You heal my wounds? Help me to become willing to do whatever it takes to be well.

Know that no matter where you are, no matter how desperate you have become, God is pursuing you. He loves you and wants to heal you if you are desperate enough to invite Him to do so. There is recovery in Christ when life is broken.

-Rena L.

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recovery in Christ when life is broken.