recovery in Christ when life is broken

Groundwork Weeks 7-12: Draft Lessons

We are creating six additional weeks of Groundwork! While this second Groundwork book is in development, we are making the draft lessons below available to the public for free. The first file contains all lessons, while other files are the individual stand-alone lessons making up the whole. We will continue to add lessons to this page as drafts are completed, so check it often for updates!

All Lessons

Week 7 Day 3: Eternal Life Starts Today

Week 7 Day 4: The Hard Work of the Gospel: Belief

Week 7 Day 5: What is Influencing You Most?

Week 8 Day 1: A New Day Can Start Right Now

Week 8 Day 2: Confessing Sin Brings Healing

Week 8 Day 3: The Battle for Your Mind

Week 8 Day 4: Can I Really Change?

Week 8 Day 5: God Makes All Things New

Week 9 Day 1: Do You Want Out of the Pit?

Week 9 Day 2: Freedom in Total Dependence

Week 9 Day 3: Humbly Admit Your Brokenness

Week 9 Day 4: Blessed are the Peacemakers

Week 9 Day 5: God's Mercy and Grace

Week 10 Day 1: Embrace the Truth About You

Week 10 Day 3: Fulfilling Your God-Given Purpose


The links below provide access to electronic forms and supplements within the re:generation curriculum.  They may be downloaded by participants who prefer to work with electronic documents or used by leaders to provide extra blank copies for group members:

 step 4, Inventory Worksheets:

Complete Set of Inventory Worksheets
Resentments Inventory Worksheet

Fears Inventory Worksheet
Harms To Me Inventory Worksheet
Harms By Me Inventory Worksheet
Sexual Inventory Worksheet
Recovery Issue Worksheet

Step 5, confess:

       How to Confess an Inventory

       How to Listen to an Inventory

Step 6, repentance plans:

        Repentance Plan Worksheet 

 step 9, Amends Summaries and Plans:

        Amends Plan Worksheet

        Amends Summary Worksheet

Step 11, Spiritual Gifts assessment Links

        Spiritual Gifts Survey (Lifeway)

Step 12, Reconciliation Plans

        Reconciliation Plan Worksheet

        Conflict Field Guide


supplements and examples

The links below provide examples about how to complete the various worksheets within the re:generation curriculum.  The different struggles listed in these examples may be useful for participants trying to learn how to use the re:generation tools for their own recovery.



Groundwork Supplemental Scripture Pages


Mentor Agreement

Mentor and Participant Expectations


        Inventory Example


        Repentance Plan Example 


        Amends Example


        Reconciliation Plan Example (Coming Soon)