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    Body Image

    12.17.16 | Body Image Struggles

    Body image is defined as a person’s perception of their physical appearance or sexual attractiveness of their own body. Body image is greatly valued in our world today. Though a healthy body is good, for many people, physical health and...

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    06.20.17 | Codependency

    Codependency describes unhealthy relationships in which individuals use one another to get their own emotional needs met in a manner that harms each other and the relationship.   Codependence develops in love-deficient relationships where...


    05.01.14 | Depression Struggles

    Depression is defined as a persistent sad mood or loss of pleasure in normal activities. Depression is also described as an emotional heaviness that weighs the heart down.   Normal ups and downs are a common part of life. Feelings of...

      Eating Disorders

      04.17.17 | Eating Disorders

      Eating disorders are a group of conditions marked by an unhealthy relationship with food. These conditions grow beyond attempts to “eat healthy” or “lose weight” into an obsessive, controlling, preoccupation with...

      Fear & Anxiety

      01.03.18 | Fear/Anxiety Struggles

      Fear is a strong, unpleasant emotion caused by an identified looming danger or threat, whether real or perceived. Anxiety, is lingering apprehension caused by unclear future events that seem challenging, daunting, or uncertain. These two are...


      02.05.18 | Gambling Struggles

      Gambling is a willingness to risk something of value in the hope of getting something of greater value. Gambling can stimulate the brain's reward system much like drugs or alcohol, leading to addiction*. Compulsive gamblers repeatedly turn to...

        Guilt & Shame

        04.17.18 | Issue: Guilt & Shame

        Guilt is a feeling of conviction that arises from your own sinful actions; “What have I done?” Shame is a painful feeling about who you are as a person because of your actions or the actions of others; “Who am I?” These...


          02.15.17 | Masturbation Struggles

          Masturbation is physically stimulating oneself for sexual excitement and/or orgasm. Many people struggle with masturbation. The practice is not exclusive to one gender or age group. The root of this struggle is primarily spiritual and emotional...


          12.16.16 | Pornography Struggles

          Pornography is any material used in order to elicit sexual arousal. Pornography can include images, videos, magazines, literature, television, movies, social media, and any other source that stimulates erotic behavior or feelings for a person...


            12.19.16 | Pride Struggles

            Pride is a high opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority. Pride is also a dignified sense of what is due to oneself, or one's position, or character. Pride has infected all humans in varying degrees. Through pride, Satan...